Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fair, with heart

The Republicans act as if a 3 percent increase for the vastly wealthy will ruin the economy. But we know that is merely the talking point.

They are protecting the big donors, and by big, I mean at the level of Sheldon Addleson or those true American patriots, David and Charles Koch. We also know where Grover Norquist gets his funding, and reasonable people must be left with the reality that these

 people are willing to hold the entire economy hostage to get their way. John Boehner, for instance, is going all in on this.

Obviously, the only way compromise will happen will be IF some of the more moderate House Republicans risk their political futures for the sake of the country. That's a lot to ask, particularly as elected officials — on both sides of the aisle — constantly prove that they are more about self-service, than public service.

One of the key elements of the debate on raising taxes which sometimes get dusted off the floor too soon is simply this:

How much does $2,000 mean to a middle class family, as opposed to the 3 percent increase for the vastly rich? What is the actual percentage of spendable income that is involved?

Finally, trickle down does not work, and yet, the Republicans keep insisting that the slight increase to the upper 2 percent will do horrid things to the economy. In truth, we know that if those taxes aren't raised, horrid things will CONTINUE to happen in regard to revenue not raised. Yes, we need to curb spending but starting with medicare and social security is as vapid as it is heartless.

Fair is all that reasonable people are asking. It's past time for Republicans to reclaim their party from the extremists such as Norquist and the Tea Partiers, and actually do the right thing.

Wouldn't that be inspiring?

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