Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Breathing Blue (in a red state)

I live in Wake County in North Carolina, which went 55 percent for Obama. Sadly, my state did not match its 2008 dramatic break from the rest of the "obstinate south."

I am pleased, however, that NC did not "automatically" come up red as did the usual prime suspects. Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Montana, Wyoming, and Texas come to mind.

Thrilled that Colorado and Virginia chose reality over spin. Both states are too "beautiful" to paint themselves red. Even more thrilled that voter suppression tactics failed in Florida and Ohio. Proud that so many stood so long to make their vote count. Of all the malarkey that taints our election process, the partisan manner in which our country stages elections looms at the top of my LET'S FIX THIS SHIT list.

Second on the Fix List is Citizens United, and the role vast sums of money tried to play. Karl Rove, for instance, can screw himself as he learns (again) that you can't purchase happiness. Karl Can't Get No ... Satisfaction.

Thrilled that the war against women, as well as the war against truth, spun off the tracks. Hats off to Claire McCaskill and Joe Donnelly, who deprived self-appointed rape experts and obvious lunatics Todd Akin and Richard E. Mourdock a chance to spread their venom.

Thrilled that an intelligent, vibrant activist — Elizabeth Warren — will get her chance to make a difference in DC. Smart is always good, and Warren is plenty smart.

Thrilled that Tammie Baldwin defeated hypocrite Tommy Thompson, and equally thrilled that she will be the first openly gay candidate elected to the US Senate. Talk about leaning forward.

Thrilled that marriage equality laws passed in Maryland & Maine.

Meanwhile, the Woodstock Child that lurks in my heart and brain is grinning that pot is "okay" in the states of Colorado and Washington. John Prine can alter his lyrics when visiting those regions. "Ah, but fortunately, I can buy the key ... legally."

Thrilled that Alan Grayson is returning to the House.

Thrilled for all the down ballot state and local victories that will — hopefully — force the tea party to find a new beverage. I suggest hemlock.

Thrilled for Bernie Sanders.

Thrilled that Obama will — most likely — have an opportunity to put folks on the Supreme Court who have left eyeballs and know how to use them. I'm talking to you Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia. Isn't it time to relax and enjoy the good life. You've had your run. Now, get the heck out of the way.

A great night. 

Obviously, I wish North Carolina as a state had better sense. Same holds true for Minnesota, which elected Michelle Bachmann. Again.

I have empathy for all of those living in regions who are outnumbered by their "friends" across the aisle.


But overall this morning, you might say that I'm fired up. And yes, I'm ready to go.

The task ahead is daunting. But the country dodged a big one last night. And what should make most reasonable people smile — we won't have to find out how big.


Breathing Blue (in a red state).

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