Saturday, October 20, 2012

Who are you?

I see that, after his second debate disaster at Hofstra, the emergence of Binders Full of Women, and then Friday’s amusing diagnosis of Romnesia, Multiple Choice Mitt strikes back, accusing the Obama campaign of having become "petty" — that Obama keeps "talking about smaller and smaller things."

Mitt is desperate to deflect the focus on his cretin, 1950s stance on women's issues, particularly their right to choose how to handle their own bodies, as well as equal pay for equal work. Perhaps women's rights are "petty" to Romney, and that would certainly not be surprising.

Romnesia, of course, is satire, but as with all good satire, it is fueled by truth. It's a clever expression that defines Mitt's serial mendacity. I suppose it is "petty" not to have a solid stance on any issue, other than Romney wants to win the election. Romnesia suggests that Romney will say anything to get elected. He already has. He's the definitive 180-degree candidate — like weather in the tropics, his positions are always changing.

Mitt could actually debate himself Monday night. So, which one is he really? Moderate Mitt? Tea Party Mitt?

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