Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A plug

LINK:    Nice words in regard to WHO KILLED 20G?


Phialas’ debut novel, which is hopefully the first of many. Trent Jones is a gruff, troubled, but highly likable and entertaining anti-hero; readers, especially fellow Tar Heels, will root for him from the start to the final buzzer.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family Obligations

Instead of vacationing at Atlantis, The Padraig Harrington Family opted for Greensboro, at the suggestion of Mrs. Paddy – according to Mr. Paddy after his round in his interview with Golf Channel. Paddy might be slow on the course, but he's eventually going to tell you the truth if you ask. Paddy entered the final PGA Tour event before the FedEx Cup begins to earn a place in the “playoffs.” Another golfer, Tiger Woods, opted to not play, citing “family obligations.”

Paddy said that his older son was somewhat disappointed, but that the 3-year-old had no clue they weren't at Atlantis. Paddy mentioned that he needed to keep working on a few things, which is code for "I'm tinkering as usual, and I have the family's blessing."

The "family obligations" line, going by Steve Elling's tweets – and let's be clear, Elling is quite vindictive about TW, rings as hollow as all the other crap that TW spews. With TW, we must stick to actions to determine what is happening, because he certainly isn't going to tell us. Elling told us that last Tuesday Tiger Woods was involved with working on his next video game with EA Sports. As usual, Woods either told us a half truth, or a total falsehood in his smug, can’t you see I’m being honest demeanor.

Long before the scandal, I hated this aspect of TW's control freak mentality Everyone is a pawn on his chess board, and his reason/excuse is "I"M NOT LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE."

That's true to a certain extent, but the very best move TW could make is that he join the human race. In some ways, TW is different, while in some ways, he's just like you me. We know, for instance, he's capable of remorse. Yes, at that absurd friends only press conference in February 2010, TW said he was sorry, and if you bothered to fill in the blank, he was sorry he got caught. At that time he promised to put his family first, but when The Masters rolled around, as all the realists/cynics/haters and even some admirers predicted, TW returned to golf. And that, at least in my view, was the last self-absorbed straw Elin Nordgren (Woods) would take. And good for her, too.

If you play golf, or merely care about golf, it shouldn't be too difficult to acknowledge the incredible golf that TW has played in his career. TW the golfer is amazing; TW the person is SUCH a jerk. No one with sense has ever suggested that his personal life is a blueprint for others, or that in any way, any of that bullshit is acceptable.

Once TW steps off the course, and at times even when he's on it, he's a first class butthead. I hate that aspect, but I can separate the butthead from the golfer. I'm the kind of golf fan who needs somebody to pull for, or else I'm just watching highly competent players on the range. None of them have faces or personalities, and all of them hit the ball well. Yawn.

Arnie introduced me to golf, and I hated the young Nicklaus as if he were the consummate villain, Dr. No to Arnie's Professor Yes. Then, I gradually grew to love Jack. I had a brief "fling" with Tom Watson, that in some ways lingers to this day, before going with The King of Broken Hearts, Greg Norman. In 1996 I was certain Norman would finally win that elusive Masters, and watched in horror, as he self-destructed in the final round against Faldo, of all people.

I'm still not much of a fan of Faldo, but his time on ABC with Paul Azinger softened me somewhat.

Tiger Woods emerged, and it's true that as a fan I was spoiled. TW showed up at big events with his game. You could count on it. Even if he wasn't playing well, he was a factor. If he played well, forgetaboutit.

I'm ready to move on now. I'm tired of the TW spin and dodge. But, and this pizzes me off more than one might be able to guess, I still cling to the belief/fantasy that TW has some gas in his tank, if only he could find the tank, if only he could pump the gas.