Monday, October 25, 2010

Should I stay or should I go?


Trent Jones – my lead character in WHO KILLED 20G? –  plays poker a lot better than I do, or so I have found out the past six weeks.

Here are some conclusions:

1. Don't chase a flush.

2. Don't chase a straight.

3. Patience, as always, is genius.

Some might say that good cards come and go, similar to the tide. Perhaps that's true, but I've seen bad cards for 50 hands in a row. The streaks with good cards are often quite short. At least it seems that way.

I know why Trent plays poker. He's good at it, and it beats working. For me, I like playing cards, and the more I play (free chips/online), the more I learn. But that's online poker, which can only be about the actions players take. There's no body language; you're staring at cartoon avatars with cute names.

Ultimately, it really does come down to Kenny Rogers: You've got to know when to fold 'em.