Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pictures from the road

Some more photos of my recent journey.

My car on the Orient Point to New London ferry.  Sadly,  I was not allowed to sit in the car and listen to music during the ride.

 But i met a very interesting couple from Washington, DC, so it's all good.

Below,  a view at Sebasco Resort in Phippsburg, Maine, as well as a fox that visited my cottage at Popham Beach, also in Phippsburg.



It's a Saturday morning. The  UNC coffee mug ( a very big container) has been topped off with freshly ground Kenya The cats (three of them) are having breakfast in their respective nooks.  The Ruther is in dreamland.

Newspapers have been brought in for leisurely reading, but the real action, of course, is on the internets.

For those who are Celtics fans, it's been a very interesting ride. I was recently in Boston, and those I met feared a repeat of the collapse by the Bruins. Not going to happen. Thought the Celtics looked strong in game six, and it would appear that LA is next.

As for the scoring at Colonial, I'm sure Hogan's Ghost is not happy. What is this, The John Deere?

The clue, of course, is that Bryce Molder shot a 62. Molder is obviously talented, but by no means at this point in his career someone we would expect to shoot 8 under at The Colonial. I feel ya, Ben.

I would like to say we have an interesting leader board. But we don't. It seems to be the leader board we have had all season. A sprinkling of familiar (and competent) players having a decent week with less familiar guys having a decent round or two. The kind of leader board that we know will change a great deal before the back nine on Sunday.  Yes, this is usually the case even when the stars are playing well. With what we have this week, I think we can expect a volatile weekend.

By the way, where are the stars? The highest ranked player still in the event (Steve Stricker) is tied for 27th. What happened to the notion that this is one of the events where the cream rises? Or is Bryce Molder now to be considered as one of those in the Half and Half Category.

I think it is a disgrace that the Nelson and Hogan tournaments are slowing slipping away. Without Ben and Byron, there's no Arnie,. Which means no Jack, and it's easy to fill in the rest of the equation.

We have had a golf season with a memorable Masters triumph and mostly a series of events that seem to be the same. The main plot has been dominated by a player's refusal to tell us the truth, and in a game that thrives on character and integrity, this is exponentially counterproductive.

I think the players on tour should strongly support the Texas Swing, and i think The Tour needs to figure out a schedule that will embrace this notion. Golf must constantly honor its past, or we just have a series of events with corporate names on courses that time and new equipment have betrayed.

What will happen to Bay Hill and The Memorial when Arnie and Jack are no longer with us? If what is happening to the Hogan and Nelson events is an indication, it is a direction that I refuse to support.

The Tour needs to figure out how to keep its history as tangible as it does its boasts (and threats) of current events. Sadly, the focus seems to be on building credence for the FedEx Cup. I think that is important, but not at the risk of losing the game's heritage.

In my view, The Tour must not allow the legacies of Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson to quietly fade into oblivion. I suppose it is easy for someone who posts on a message board to say this, and it is quite true, I don't have an answer.

But at least I have the question, and that's the first step.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Notes From Long Island


Actually, just some photos.  First, let's begin with The Big Duck in Flanders.

Below, is the Montauk Point lighthouse. Very cool spot.

A view from the top of the Montauk Point Lighthouse. At my writers conference, a dazzling woman introduced herself. I said, "wow, you're tall." She said, "But I'm worth the climb."  The climb to the top of the lighthouse is TOTALLY worth it.

A tree that seems to have a mind of its own in a snazzy neighborhood in Bay Shore.

At right, is a view on a rainy day from Captree Island at the bridge that takes you from Bay Shore to Jones Beach/Robert Moses State Park.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

PennWriters Days 2 & 3


Friday: Introduced Lorrie Lough's workshop on character motivation. Served as timekeeper for agent/editor pitches. Managed to call Jennifer Jackson Janet at least three times.  (Mortified)

Went to a fantastic workshop on connecting with local independent bookstores. Had dinner with Tom and Barbara Lalicki as I had met Tom and had an interesting political discussion earlier in the day.

Saturday: Introduced the Query Clinic with Janet Reid, Jenny Bent, JENNIFER Jackson and Alex Glass. Met Janet Reid. Actually met all the agents. Will be going to the masquerade ball as Jethro Bodine Literary Publicist.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

PennWriters Conference


Have arrived in scenic Lancaster and attended a session on plotting with Lorrie Lough. I enjoyed the class. Met several extremely bright, lucid writers.

Nice hotel, great location, decent weather.

Not too shabby.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hank Haney Resigns


Another moment of reality in the ongoing Tiger Woods drama. Some have suggested that Tiger go back to Butch Harmon, who now coaches, among others, Phil Mickelson.

MY OPINION is that the resignation was a crafted political move to allow Haney to save face. I believe the rumors that popped up earlier in the month in regard to Haney being "out." And I'm getting to the point where I am having trouble believing Tiger Woods when he speaks.

Not that it's necessary, of course. It's just that when asked about Haney, Woods gave us the press release. It's all press release with him. Other than some adult language after a horrid shot. We know that's real.

I agree going back to Butch would be a good thing for Tiger's swing, but there's a lot of ego in this scenario, with Butch, Phil, and the other Butchites. I can't see Tiger and Phil going to the same coach.

Who will it be?

Call Johnny Miller. He seems to "know it all." Or Faldo. He "knows it all" too.

Seriously, I have no idea. But perhaps Tiger does, or this would not be happening. I think this situation is not as up in the air as Tiger would have us think. I think the plane has already landed with the new guy, and we will know when Tiger wants us to know. Or when he gets caught. Probably B.

We know Tiger is a bright guy who studies tape and the golf swing. I'm confident he will find the right guy. This is a positive step forward.

IMO, the next step will be the official announcement of the divorce most of us believe is going to happen.

Steve Williams will remain, as will the various (and nefarious) members of TigerCo.

I think Steve HAS to remain. Outside of Hank, who else has seen Tiger swing as much? I wonder if Steve has any input on the process at all? I doubt it, but I recall stories about Tom Kite in his younger days when he was mired in a putting slump. He would take advice from ANYBODY.

So, putting myself into the role of ANYBODY.

1. Sell the house in Isleworth. Find a new gated community with a tough golf course. The comfort zone on the Isleworth track  is not helping.

2. And those aren't even the best reasons for leaving. Time to move on. Everyday Tiger sits in his Isleworth house is a reminder of the life he destroyed.

3. Sell the monstrosity on Jupiter Island, which Elin designed to look like a motel, imo. When I saw the plans for this mansion, I laughed. Truly horrendous.

4. Get back to work on the golf swing as soon as possible.

5. Do the best you can with what you have for each tournament that you decide to play, but most importantly, FINISH.

I don't believe major progress (as in getting the game in shape to win one of the Opens or the PGA) is possible UNTIL the marriage issue has been resolved. It's hard enough to play championship golf when you feel perfect. And i doubt that Tiger Woods has felt perfect for quite some time.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010